“The cosmic tale” is an application inspired by the homonymous story by Maria Montessori, and transforms it into an interactive digital experience that, in this new technological dimension, expands and widens the child’s sense of awe and innate explorative desire.


is a Lab for HANDS and MINDS

a blank page animated by movement, by signs, by colours and by images. Tabula Fabula is this blank slate on which children and adults can write their own… tale.

About us

Nurtured by the synergy created by our education experts, artists, film makers, designers and developers, Tabula Fabula is an analogical/digital laboratory making products oriented to the child’s formation and education, conceived through continuous and direct contact with children, parents and teachers who can all confront themselves constantly, in a sort of open lab, with our processes of research, analysis and development. Our creations feed on the fundamental integration with schools, teachers, but also and most importantly with the primary educational nucleus: household and family.

Designing Tabula Fabula projects follows a methodology inspired by the Montessori philosophy but also finds motivation in visual arts, literature, surrounding reality, traditional playtime and impulses from new technologies.

The purpose of our products is to safe keep the knowledge potential of the “digital natives” through the use of technology, taking into consideration that parents may understandably fear the risks of alienation and passiveness entailed in the indiscriminate use of the virtual medium.
As a matter of fact we believe that if used “responsibly”, the digital resources may constitute a precious mean for the child’s psychophysical development. Our products are built to stimulate the child’s curiosity towards the real world, guiding him/her through a mixture of entertainment and narration that without outmatching reality, creates the need for spontaneous responses.

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